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MEGS Field Trip, Sep 17-18: PJX Resources Vine Property

Join the Calgary MEGS on a field trip to visit PJX Resources Vine Property in the Sullivan Mining District in Cranbrook BC and the Sullivan Core Shack and Powerhouse tour in Kimberley BC.

Redefining Elecrical Metals Conference 2022

We are pleased to announced our new conference partner Redefining Elecrical Metals Conference. Find out more about the future of electrical metals.

Micromine Origin Training Event: Dec 15

Abstract: We are pleased to offer you an introduction to 3D implicit modeling with our latest implicit modeller – Micromine Origin! You will build a complete 3D model of a simple mineral deposit in less than 2-hours!  

Holiday Social, Dec 9: 2021 MEGS & CIM Christmas Mixer

It's that time of year again - 2021 MEGS and CIM Christmas Mixer! We will be hosting a Holiday Social with CIM. This event is happening on Thursday, December 9th, from 5-7 pm at the Garage Sports Bar in Eau Claire. 

Micromine Training for Calgary MEGS

We have teamed up with Micromine to offer our members free training of their software. The training will be delivered virtually using MS Teams, in two 4-hour sessions, with breaks as required. The training is scheduled for Wednesday June 9th & Thursday June 10th from 9:00am to 1:00pm (MST). The trainer can only accommodate a [...]

Professional Services Promotion Presentation: Enersoft

Abstract: Enersoft provides services to the Geosciences domain for mining and hydrocarbon extraction industries. By using high resolution RGB, Short Wave Infrared and XRF technology, we are providing customers with permanent records of their core that can be visited on their monitor at any time. The scan is non-destructive, provides a detailed composition of the mineralogy of the rock from cores and drill cuttings. This technology utilizes Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence does the heavy lifting providing more time for the geoscientist for interpretation. A different way of looking at core that offers insights that have never been available till now, it will provide laser sharp focus on sampling programs, samples can be selected based on certain parameters as opposed arbitrary selection. It is economic, fast and abundant in information.

Professional Services Promotion Presentation: DigitCore Library Inc

Abstract: As an affiliate with Loring Laboratories Ltd., DigitCore Library Inc. provides an innovative core logging software that enables Geologists to log core directly on digital core images (especially get core depths from digital core images). Geologists can also select test sample intervals on the images, and annotate them onto images instantly. After samples are selected, a sample list with sample depths are calculated instantly. When analytical reports are received, Geologists can display reports either onto digital core images or on the striplog.

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