MEGS Luncheon, Apr. 19: Lucero Development Plan – Element79 Gold Corp

Abstract: Element79 Gold Corp. is advancing the Lucero Mine, once Peru's highest-grade gold mine, aiming for mid-2024 production. Strategic divestitures enhance shareholder value. CEO James Tworek leads with extensive industry experience.

MEGS Luncheon, Mar. 15: Emerging Critical Metal Deposit Models in Northern Saskatchewan

Abstract: Searchlight Resources focuses on Northern Saskatchewan's mineral potential, with interests in Rare Earths, Uranium, Copper, Cobalt, Vanadium, Cesium, and Lithium. Pegmatite exploration reveals promising deposits, particularly at Kulyk Lake. Duddridge Lake shows potential for a significant deposit style.

MEGS Luncheon, Feb 9: The Bre-X fraud and its Repercussions

Abstract: The rise and fall of Bre-X – a Calgary-based company who owned allegedly the world’s largest, richest gold deposit, in Indonesia – is, without hyperbole, the biggest mining fraud in history. Yet, no charges were ever laid. The scandal led to numerous regulatory and licensing changes around the world. This talk describes the whole story.

MEGS Luncheon, Jan 12: Richard Boulay, B.SC.

Abstract: Multispectral satellite analysis unveils Earth's mineral secrets. Pixels, each a spectral blend, act like partial fingerprints matched to a spectral database. Geologists use this for economic prospecting, identifying high-abundance clusters. The presentation covers spectral analysis, free satellite imagery, and real-world projects, showcasing precise mineral identification for groundbreaking exploration.

MEGS Luncheon, Nov 3: Dr. Kelsey MacCormack

Abstract: In November 2021, the Government of Alberta unveiled a strategic plan to unlock the province's untapped mineral resource potential. A key component of this strategy is "increasing public geoscience." This initiative has empowered the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) to undertake a comprehensive data acquisition program. This presentation will provide an overview of the data acquired, ongoing analyses, and our approach to making this information accessible through online platforms.

MEGS Luncheon, Sep 15: Komatiite Exploration Ltd.

Abstract: Komatiite Exploration Ltd was founded in 2021 and is a private mineral exploration company with access to full mineral title for two separate contiguous properties in British Columbia. Battery metals are at the forefront of exploration including Ni, Cu, Co, Mn, Cr, and Li. Other minerals containing Au, Ag, Platinum Group Elements (PGE’s), and Light Rare Earth Elements are also being assessed. This presentation will focus on Sidley which is the larger of the two properties.

MEGS Luncheon, May 5: Fathom Nickel Inc.

Abstract: This talk will provide an exploration update on Fathom Nickel’s Albert Lake and Gochager Lake Projects, the exploration tools utilized and how Fathom plans on advancing both projects and demonstrate that the great province of Saskatchewan can host magmatic nickel sulphide deposits comparable to those currently in production within the Trans Hudson Orogeny.

MEGS Luncheon, Apr 21: Eagle Plains Resources

Abstract: Eagle Plains Resources is a mineral exploration company operating for 30 years in Western Canada. Eagle Plains employs the project generator business model to advance a diverse portfolio of projects and has created consistent shareholder value by utilizing a strategy of corporate incubation.

MEGS Luncheon, Mar 10: Jade Leader Corp

Abstract: While competing in China, the scale of recent changes in the Jade industry became obvious, and a one month initial research journey to some of the major Jade carving centers and markets in China was undertaken. This led to the creation of Jade Leader Corp. as it entered the International Jade space.

MEGS Luncheon, Feb 3: Alex Knox, Geologist

Abstract: The commercial mining of high calcium limestone in Alberta began around 1900 and is still the most important non-fuel mining sector in Alberta today. This talk will examine the geology of the Exshaw Quarry and the geological setting in which these high calcium sediments accumulate.

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