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MEGS Webinar, Jun 7: Minerva Intelligence

Abstract: The field of artificial intelligence (AI) contains exciting possibilities, over-hyped promises, and everything in between. AI applications in the geosciences are no different, however, the nature of uncertainty in the geosciences plays a crucial role in AI tools. The talk will be an overview of AI and knowledge engineering and how it pertains to mineral exploration, resources and mining.
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  • Osisko Mining | MEG Calgary Luncheon
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    MEGS Webinar, Apr 19: From 0 To 3m Oz In 3 Years: The Extraordinary Lynx Gold Deposit

MEGS Webinar, Apr 19: From 0 To 3m Oz In 3 Years: The Extraordinary Lynx Gold Deposit

Abstract: In December 2016 Osisko Mining Incorporated drilled a reconnaissance hole 600 metres from the known Windfall gold deposit in an unexplored area.  What resulted was nothing short of extraordinary: the discovery of the Lynx gold deposit, arguably the richest portion of the Windfall system. Located in the Urban-Barry Greenstone belt beside the Windfall deposit (discovered in 2004), the Lynx gold deposit grew to 3 million ounces Au (indicated + inferred) in three years, currently sits at 3.6 million ounces Au, and continues to expand with the current drill program. What makes the Lynx deposit so extraordinary is its incredible growth in ounces and grade in such a short time, its geological predictability, and its location. Key drivers for the successful discovery and definition of Lynx include Osisko’s philosophies of drilling, courage, and patience.
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  • ATAC Resources | MEG Calgary Luncheon
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    MEGS Webinar, Mar 22: ATAC Resources’ Rackla Gold Property

MEGS Webinar, Mar 22: ATAC Resources’ Rackla Gold Property

Abstract: ATAC Resources’ Rackla Gold Property is a 185 km-long exploration project located in Central Yukon. The property has been primarily explored for gold, and hosts numerous styles of mineralization, including intrusion-related gold and polymetallic targets at the west end (Rau Project), Carlin-type gold mineralization at the east (Osiris Project), and orogenic gold system discovered this past year. A true grassroots discovery, stemming from regional government silt samples, ATAC has now defined 1.7 million ounces of gold (12.4 Mt at 4.23 g/t) at its Carlin-type Osiris deposit and demonstrated positive economics at the intrusion-related carbonate-replacement Tiger deposit. The district-scale potential of this property is just beginning to be revealed, with 15 other Carlin-type gold prospects, and 22 other gold and/or base metal intrusion-related targets.
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Professional Services Promotion Presentation: Enersoft

Abstract: Enersoft provides services to the Geosciences domain for mining and hydrocarbon extraction industries. By using high resolution RGB, Short Wave Infrared and XRF technology, we are providing customers with permanent records of their core that can be visited on their monitor at any time. The scan is non-destructive, provides a detailed composition of the mineralogy of the rock from cores and drill cuttings. This technology utilizes Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence does the heavy lifting providing more time for the geoscientist for interpretation. A different way of looking at core that offers insights that have never been available till now, it will provide laser sharp focus on sampling programs, samples can be selected based on certain parameters as opposed arbitrary selection. It is economic, fast and abundant in information.
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MEGS Webinar, Oct 2: Webinars kick-off

Abstract: Since entering the Jade space, Jade Leader has now acquired a portfolio of 6, 100% owned properties in the United States, on all of which Jade (var: Nephrite) has been identified. The most advanced projects have now been advanced either by mechanical trenching or drilling, demonstrating that the Jade systems can show some predictability and continuity as a target mineralization style. The talk will focus on the various types of Jades found to date and explore some basic geological concepts of Jade formation.
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MEGS Update, Mar 12: MEGS Cancels all in-person activities

Abstract: Due to Covid-19, all future in-person activities have been canceled or moved online until further notice.
  • DigitCore Library Inc | MEG Calgary Luncheon
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    Professional Services Promotion Presentation: DigitCore Library Inc

Professional Services Promotion Presentation: DigitCore Library Inc

Abstract: As an affiliate with Loring Laboratories Ltd., DigitCore Library Inc. provides an innovative core logging software that enables Geologists to log core directly on digital core images (especially get core depths from digital core images). Geologists can also select test sample intervals on the images, and annotate them onto images instantly. After samples are selected, a sample list with sample depths are calculated instantly. When analytical reports are received, Geologists can display reports either onto digital core images or on the striplog.
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MEG Luncheon, Feb 1: TOCVAN Ventures Corp

Abstract: The Pilar property is located south of Hermosillo in Sonora, Mexico. Pilar contains high grade gold and silver. This is an epithermal style of mineralization, which is structurally controlled hydrothermal gold and silver deposition within the structures. The property has over 17,700 m of previous drilling focused in three areas from surface to about 125 m depth and remains open at depth. Sampling results show high grade gold and silver intercepts in drilling, surface rock grab samples, soil sampling, and in trenching. The high-grade gold and silver assay results have revealed NW-SE trending zones in line with the areas of focused drilling. This provides new zones to explore and develop to expand from the drilled areas.
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